IT is the way to go.This is a computer era,where the world has become a global village.Within no minute you get to know whats happening in the whole world.Thus,it would be good for every one who doesn't want to lag behind to know more about computers,hence I commend ITCT Africa for the innovations.

Am grateful for the work done by IT-CT Africa.Personally,I thank God for choosing me to be among the beneficiaries of this pro gramme. Of recent,I was on course where we were told to make presentations in power point,and it was so challenging to most of us.But all this has been covered in this course.So I feel blessed.I can not say how I wish it was earlier before my completion,this is God's timing,thus I only say,its the right time because its never late.Very soon I will be in position to apply what I have learn t  from here.


The world keeps developing at a fast pace and so  are the improvements in technology. Improvements in technology  has advanced many fields such as the health , banking , transport  and other sectors.  Not so long however the advancement will  effect changes in the education sector . With the initiative of ITCT Africa, a programme that is to train teachers skills in computer technology to impart and train other teachers,  teaching will be made simpler and also more enjoyable for the teachers. For the learners,   learning will be made easier  and more meaningful.

Special thanks   go to ITCT AFRICA  seeing way forward for Africa  and realisation of the  need for Africa to be in line in  terms of development with other developed nations. This is a great opportunity for all Africans to move with  new developments. Its there fore a  duty for all those trained to see to it that  the planned objectives are achieved in their respective schools.


IT Training Centre for Teachers in Africa (ITCT-Africa) is an NGO is to support and sustain capacity building in teacher education through the use of ICTs. The training centre is a product of collaborative activities between the universities of Cologne, Kinshasa, Kenyatta, Kyambogo and Mbarara as well as the Swiss NGO Linuxola. ITCT-Africa, co-funded by its  German-based partner EDDA-Africa and  the Centrum fur Internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM), is going to implement a 17-month Project called Training of 50 Multipliers in the field of IT Teacher Training and further Training in Uganda. A Selection Committee was formed and included officials from MoES, NITA, KCCA, Makerere College School, Kitante Primary and the Universities of Mbarara and Kyambogo. On 6th August 2012 the Committee met and selected 50 institutions under 4 categories namely: universities, Teacher Training Colleges, Secondary Schools and Primary Schools from the districts of Mukono, Kampala and Wakiso districts. The 50 multipliers will be selected by the institutions themselves.


Hello once again. I guess you know all the people in this picture expect of course the short between Charlotte and Miranda. Well this picture was taken in April this year, six months after we had opened the centre. Plans for your project were under way but nothing was sure at all. I am very happy that we are where we are now. That team has done a lot of work. And now you have joined the team we are going to be even stronger, more visible and effective!

Thank you!  You can also visit us here and here.

ITCT Africa held its first IT teacher training workshop at the centre from 16-20 July 2012. Teachers from the universities of Kyambogo and Mbarara, as well as primary and secondary schools of Kitante and  Makerere College, participated in the workshop. Teachers trained in web editing using Content Management Systems (CMS) and database management (MySQL).

The ITCT Africa team would like to thank all participants for their contribution in making this short-notice workshop a success.