Compared to the boys, girls have continued to drop out of school for a number of reasons. Some of them include the following;

  • Some parents look at the issue of educating girls as a wastage of resources. They therefore prefer to spend the little they have to educate boys forcing the girl child to drop out of school

  • Feelings of isolation contribute to dropping out of school in that after being harassed by fellow students, the only option is to drop out.

  • Greedy parents tend to marry off their daughters at an early age just because they are materialistic. They look at girls as a source of wealth.

  • They claim that majority of the teachers,counsellors, and administrators are not nice to them. In fact some teachers tell girls to marry after failing an exercise in class.

  • Girls are unable to access affordable sanitary care or facilities at school. T hey have to stay at home during their periods.

  • Gender bias in school especially in rural areas also forces them to drop out. The class environment tends to favour boys than girls.

  • Absenteeism, often triggered by feeling unsafe at school, can lead to dropping out completely. They are often subjected to domestic work which makes them stay at home.


presented by;Atukunda Hildah