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Have you ever appreciated your gender? Born girl or born boy. Every gender has its great side of life and a few challenges in life. Each gender seems to have a specific role in life, say the females are blessed to be the mothers, the ones to bring forth life into this universe, although its very vital to note that the male gender has to aid the female continue the process of procreation. Do you think the human race to day, still has a task to uphold the unique duties attached to their gender, as per creation?


I am among those who support the idea of maintaining heterosexual relations in present society. How ever I am mindful of my brothers , sisters, our students , children who are convinced that the only way to go go is to involve in same sex relations. This is a challenge for you and me today, what has led to such ideas in society? And what is the way forward for you and me?


For any problem, there has to be a cause and definitely a solution. Can we share a few ideas that have led to such a challenge? I do believe that lack of proper sex education has probably contributed to such sex deviation in society. So the young and the old are out to try out new ideas without being mindful of the impact of their actions on society


I do suggest the implementation of serious sex education to all in society. In all African societies sex education was emphasised communally, there were institutions in place to emphasise sex education, such institutions are lacking today , lets teach the community the values of sex in life , create institutions to emphasise good sexual values. Thanks.