Very great and wonderful to those who have valued its meaning and very sad for those who have made it loose its meaning. If people got into a world of science, they will understand that it the most peaceful and stress free world that develops or grows everyday, minute or even a second. Science has really brought us into one family. This why I do encourage parents to let their children make the right of his/her life






In the world of science, mathematics is the basis of everything and that is the world is full of mathematics .




So good and easy to manage,
It gives you peace and stress free,
Its creates love and friendship in the society,
The countries are what they are because of mathematics,
We engineers are what we are because of mathematics,
Without mathematics life is meaningless.
Mathematics is everywhere, so be proud of mathematics.

people are what they because of mathematics.

everything in the world revolves around mathematics.

we love technology and technology has become what it is today because of mathematics. The evolution of computers and everything is mathematics.

Parents please let your Children, friends and relatives love MR. MATHEMATICS.

U all welcome to the world of science