Bravo ITCT Africa for having given us this opportunity ,we the teachers of where ITCT is avery big problem

generally Africa's problem has been information technology but ,if teachers can be brought on board then

Africa will catch up with the rest of the world. With the equipping of teachers then things are going very

fast because teachers are the back-bore of knowledge Please once more we are very greatful  for ITCT

Africa for having given us this opportunity


this course has been so good for us teachers and has come at the right time.

Hullo Africa,

This is great opportunity to go modern with IT. Thanks for big brained people who thought this through and to these who are manning it. With the knowledge and skills that is being equipped to us I  promise that more and more individuals are to benefit. My appeal to the center is to keep on supervising us with lot of encouragement and support in terms of logistics where need may  be. The effectiveness of this project will highly depend on the physical contact all the participating persons with personal computers so that each practices whenever he/she feels like rather than finding them at the center as it could be to some of us. So please colleagues look around and try to get affordable, at least Not-books(Min-laptops) as we wait may be the project will ever surprise us with some thing  big.984-4074JPG

Hello Group Two! Welcome to ITCT Africa. This is a testing article with TEXT, PICTURE and EXTERNAL LINK. Three of the tasks we will accomplish by the end of the workshop! And you can register on the our Education Africa website too. So you see you have a big platform!

EDDA Africa

Everything can be learnt with more effort from the students.  One is by practicing and practicing.

All the multipliers for next week's workshop have been contacted and have confirmed their attendance.  However, Nakaseke Primary Teacher's College has once again raised the issue of transport.  The Centre wrote a letter to all institutions informing them to meet the participants' transport costs.      The Centre is unable to help.

I am enjoying this.