It is really a great pleasure to have this ITCT training from you people.

We are happy as teachers and we thank you for choosing mainly teachers because were always left behind here in Uganda.

I know it will change our ways and broadens our thinking and we shall share the knowledge with our colleagues.


Written by Bwiiso Harriet

From Hormisdallen p/s

Time has come for all people in this world to acquire skills in computer knowledge.The world is changing at a very high speed

such that we should not relax. I give thanks to ITCT Africa for  the wonderful  chance given to the teachers of Africa in particular

Ugandan teachers. It is my belief that being the multiplies,of this skills, we shall do our very best to reach our fellow

counterparts in the field of education.However,it is also my wish that this kind of innovation be extended to even the rural

areas of Uganda.The challenge could be electricity which may hinder the multiplication of the whole idea.Thanks and bravo ITCT.


Perpetua Abang Ojara.

Kitante P/S.Kampala.(U)

The world is changing like weather to day. Oh! What an invention for the teacher. Transport,sports, banking and education are all changing day in, day out. The task now goes ahead to the teacher, who has to help his learners cope with the changing environment.

Great is ITCT-Africa, here to day, to help the teacher move with all these changes. The knowledge i have received from these series of workshops is going to help me train my student teachers at Buloba PTC to move with the changing world.

Children at school need to be relieved of the chalkboard work of read and write. This is why ITCT- Africa is training me to equip my student teachers with these skills.

Gone are the days of prep books. Welcome the world of computing. Keep us informed ITCT-Africa. Bravo!  For more information visit

It was not easy getting convinced on the new innovation of Linux when the mind was set to  Microsoft windows. But with the well trained instructors, within no time we got on board. Though the training goes along with other challenges of our work and lacking computers for practice for some of us trainees, the great job done by instructors at the face to face coupled with handouts, helps us to move a step ahead. Accolades to EDDA Africa and the Germany government for coming up with the same. It is helping the African teacher to catch up with the other teachers in the first world countries. I particularly thank the Almighty that am part of it. God bless you.

MIREMBE, Lukiya (Shimoni Primary Teachers' College).

The opportunity for training us,could not have come at a better time. There are many opportunities that come and our, now private college is not given chance especially because "the funding can only spread to government institutions". So including Buloba PTC in the program is a great chance.

As a director of studies, I realize that the multiplier effect to other colleagues and then the rolling on of skills to learner will be fluid.

I have had a great opportunity, myself because currently , during my other area of studying, i have an ICT component and this knowledge is already helping me academically even before i use it professionally , so it is a two way opportunity.

I believe that when I go back to the college with all the:Libre office Wirter,Libre office  Impress, Libre office Calc, Social networking and all other knowledge, I am sure the principal of the college will be enticed to buy some more computers to supplement the TWO existing ones so that staff and students can get access and eventually train to acquire all the IT skills.

This package is very good for us Teacher trainers because the products of our college may find employment in schools with ICT programs and if we do not equip them, we will be accountable for their inefficiency. So, To me this is like giving us" a goose, that lays the golden eggs", because it is a treasure!

I am enjoying the hospitality of the hosts, keeping away from the hustle and bustle that awaits me away from here. The online session, I’ve seen has created another atmosphere.

So far so good. For more information visit