Africa is also going forward in terms of technology.Many people now are becoming computer literates.When you consider the level of technology about two years back,there is a great difference.Good enough,technology is the way to go now.We need to advance in all ways.When one goes to distant places,he or she needs to hear from the relatives,friends and the like.And this can be possible through internet usage.We thank the training center which decided to train trainers in computer skills such that they can help in the spread of the gospel.We are almost certain that by God's Grace,theywill do the needful.Long live IT-CT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



ITCT-Africa has done a tremendous role in equipping teachers in Africa with skills of using the computer and computer technology. Teachers and Tutors today can help their students to use the computer, meet with different scholars on the net to discuss important issues that can make the teaching and learning of students good

ICT-Africa has helped the teachers to move with the dot com error, where children from well to do families can use the computer to do anything, the teacher to today can use the computer to counteract the challenges.

Indeed ICT-Africa came at a right time to help the teachers ease their work of teaching and also professionally develop their career. Good work done by ITCT-Africa.