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Like any other electronic machine, computers also need maintenance even before having hardware and software issues. This can be done through trouble shooting the hardware and the software installed in the computer. This is done through the steps a technician can take to resolve the problem but in most cases instead of resolving computer issues,most of them they end up causing serious problems than the computers had. This comes about when the technician does not use proper tools and software when trouble shooting hardware and software issues.
The reason behind all this mess is made by the technician to under estimate the dangers which can be caused by the Electro Static Discharge (ESD). A human being can generate over 3000 volts of static electricity which is very harmful to the computer. Inside the system unit, some computer components use 3volts, 5volts or 10volts distributed by the Power Supply. In this situation the computer technician has to ground him selves by using Anti Static Wrist-rap on one of their hands to nutualise the electro static discharge.

The second step the computer technician must ensure that on his working table in the work shop he has placed the Anti Static Mat where he has to place the system unit or Laptop when repairing. He has to make sure that he places all the computer hardware components got from the system unit and those to be put in the system unit or laptop in the Anti Static Bag to further reduce on the chances of electro static discharge.
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The use of proper tools when installing or removing computer hardware must NOT be Magnetised. When for example the stripped screw driver is charged, they gain a positive charge which is very harmful to the motherboard this is also coupled with the use of wrong or improper tools for example the system unit can have flat screws then the technician because he does not have a flat screw driver ends up using a flat tool like a knife, or use a non recommended to like a stripped screw drive which in the end ruins the screws.

Most computer technician open the system units or laptops when they are being connected to the power source most especially when they are handling hardware issues with laptop when the batteries are not removed, this in the long run can bring problems to the motherboard. Another mistake is done when they are blowing dust from the computer system units, most of them do not hold the fan blades in one place when blowing. This makes the fan blades to spin due to the air pressure from the blower hence ruining the motor.

On part of the software, most technicians use Pirated System and Application Software when installing programs in the computers. This causes serious issues to the computers where the programs are being installed. This makes it very difficult for such pirated software to have updates from the genuine companies of the installed software.

Technicians also do not make Data Backups before repairing computers. Under such circumstances most especially when installing an Operating system, the hard drive may be formatted hence the customers / clients lose the data files which is very may be very important to the school or company.
All the computers worked on under such unprofessional circumstances work for a short while, some fail completely due to the serious damage caused by the technicians. So may dear friends before you take your computers for repair, make sure that the technician is having all the tools and the skills to safe guard your data and computers at large.

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