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A poem to mother about how much she is loved and will be missed.

How Can I Say Goodbye

Mom its been years now since
God and His Angels called you away.
Oh how the Angels rejoiced as you walked
Through those Pearly Gates that day !

Mom when you went in a comma, it indicated
that your days were over, I refused to believe it
could be true. How could I allow myself to even
Imagine saying goodbye to you.

Mom you were an Angel here on earth
I learned so very much from you.
You were so gentle and so kind your
Smile would always see me through.

You taught me how to love unconditionally
And how to be my very best in all I do.
You gave your all to God and your family
Never once stopping to think about you.

You were more than a mother you were my
Best friend and a great listener too.
Oh how I miss our special talks, and
All the fun things we used to do.

Mom I can never say goodbye to you,
Because I could never bear the pain.
Instead I say I love you Mom
Until we meet again.

A Tribute To My Mom Milly Nakaliisa Ssemanda

Vickie Nawenja - AAR Health services

By Ester Kiringooba -Uganda  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)