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Information Communication Technology is a necessary requirement in Africa because of it many benefits that all Africans must embrace because of its many benefits like;.

In the field of education; ICT;

is used to pass on information between people.

is used to store information for references

saves time that would be required to do many activities

builds relationship amongst different stake holders

ensures safety of information

creates a platform for continous professional development.

is a forum through which ideas are shared

is a tool for sensitization of people on different issues.

appeals to people of different categories,needs and intelligences.

It is met with many challenges like;

Unstable and unreliable power supply

Hijackers online

network problems

negative and conservative attitude of the people

high cost for maintenance and access

Low literacy levels of many people

lack of skilled personnel

fast changes of models some of which may not be compatible


However despite the challenges,many Africans have embraced ICT and are supporting its implementation.

Governments have put up ICT policies.

Schools have integrated it in the curriculum

NGOs have come up to voluntarily train teachers to acquire skills to use while

Governments have started equipping schools with the hardware

Peoples' attitudes are changing with sensitization about its importance.

Costs are getting a bit less than before enabling many people to try and use it.

So, all in all ICT is a welcome technology to all African countries.

A group of teachers who have embraced ICT through the help of an organization ITCT-Africa

Nawoova Sarah