My genesis of ICT started on 1st October,2012 when I got the invitation letter to train as among the 25 IT multipliers in Uganda.

On 22nd October,2012 at ITCT-Africa,Bukoto Street,Kampala. I met the following participants and we were the components of computers and demonstrated how to operate the computer. As a novice computer literate,I handled it as follows :


We learnt the mission of the program,”ITCT-Africa is a capacity building component of Education in Africa Collaborative Program.”

As you can see us in the photograph,we were proudly standing to embrace the initiative/ objective”To facilitate the use of ICT in education in Uganda by training teachers and tutors in the implementation of ITCT in teaching/learning process” .I as for one, I am ready to bring my fellow tutors on board through using the knowledge,skills and values that I have acquired from this training centre.