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In the early  70s the then President Idi Amin Dada had initiate the teaching of kiswahili in schools and proposed that it could be used as the  national language.However with time trhis materially did not work as people had negative attitude towards the language. Most people persieved it as language used by thieves(bayaye) therefore many shunned away fro it.

The coming in  of President Obote he also raised the same issue but with less emphasis.

Going back to Senteza Kajubis repeort it was empasesd that kiswahili should be taught in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. This was not enough.

Sighting the East African community it implicated that atleast everyone should have a background of kiswahili language.

The Ministry came up with idea of training Primary Teachers Kiswahili as an inependent Subject so that intern kiswahili be officially taught in primary schools and be examined . So far so good the Curruculum  is out ant the first lot to be  examined will be the first years of 2013 in their pre-promotional exams then the first lot to be passed out will be of 2014.

We have also moved ahead that some primary schools are already piloting the subject.

Now that we are on board with internet we shall teach others simple basics of the language.

Writer:Mutenyo Aidah