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Colleagues, I have been attending an Information and Communication Technologies Course at ITCT Africa in Kamwokya. I have discovered that, as teachers, we need to style up if we are to meet the challenges of education today.

There is urgent need to embrace what is known as 'Collaborative Learning'. Collaborative Learning involves the formation of teams of persons with similar objectives but in different geographical locations. These people are linked by the internet into one team that can be able to accomplish a set objective. The team, at different locations, uses the internet as a link to enable them share and modulate information. You will notice that people in different geographical areas have different experiences, abilities, cultures and the like.

Teachers in Africa need to explore Collaborative Learning/Teaching techniques so that they can be able to exploit the rich resource of the internet. Look at it this way teachers:

School administrators need to invest in the acquisition of IT equipment to enable their learners explore the rich depths of the resource of the collaborative power behind the internet.

I thank ITCT Africa for this exposure.