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School dropout in Uganda is at its apex. This is so because of a number of problems. A few of these problems may be;

1. Failure of parents to pay school fees.

2. Un employment on the side of parents.

3. Embezzlement of public funds meant for education by government workers.

4. Corporal punishments at schools administered by teachers.

All these and others have contributed to the high rate of school drop out in Uganda there by leaving the population illiterate.  What then should the governments do? Heads of state should work hand in hand with the stake holders to avoid this. But in cases where education is not given the priority, education is bound to fail.

Time is up now for the international community to help people in Africa, fight the corrupt governments that have no love for the education of their nations. Educate the nation and its people will prosper in all the aspects., economic, political and social.