Days are gone when we had to book calls and then go back later to receive, when we had to crank a gramophone to listen to music, when we had to stand in class and shout our voice hoarse in order to teach. This, all has changed in the last 40 years. Technology, enhanced by advancements in computer use , has changed the way we do things. Now its mobile and satellite phones, multimedia music and movies on mobile devices, computer and projector teaching in classes etc.

The emergence and subsequent use of the computers for education has revolutionized everything in the classroom. Soon, pupils may not have to sit long hours listening to boring 'speeches' from teachers. Computer-assisted education has taken the African continent by storm. The computer remains one of the most exciting gadgets in the African classroom. Teachers who take to this method of education will find themselves delivering better ideas in a very simple way because computer, unlike the traditional methods of teaching, is highly interactive and makes the use of multimedia learning aids very simple.

Back here in my country. computer-assisted education is spearheaded by ITCT Africa. The organization is committed to reaching out to all schools and making sure that teachers are trained well in computer-assisted education.

I thank ITCT Africa for the opportunity accorded to me for this training.