The ages of struggling with sticks and chalks has come to an end. For long in Africa teacher have been finding it difficult controlling their classes, however now with computer technology its realized that by use of computers pupils/students are kept busy with work and do not have time to become unruly in class. If any thing  the lessons in class have become more interesting and enjoyable than how it has been on chalkboard.It is also possible that even those who had lost interest into attending the classes are now very much motivated to be at school daily. Indeed some wish not to go back home early.

With technology and efforts made by ITCT Africa  organization it will enable teachers to have wide range for search   for knowledge and also the learners will be involved other than taking teachers materials alone.

It helps the teacher to choose the best material relevant to his/he class and also compare notes with the material found on the net libraries and other areas.

Linux is really an empowering soft ware and am happy to have got such a golden opportunity . As a tutor in PES it has really helped me to build the capacity of teaching educational technology in PTC a really thank all the initiators of this programme may God bless you all.