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The opportunity for training us,could not have come at a better time. There are many opportunities that come and our, now private college is not given chance especially because "the funding can only spread to government institutions". So including Buloba PTC in the program is a great chance.

As a director of studies, I realize that the multiplier effect to other colleagues and then the rolling on of skills to learner will be fluid.

I have had a great opportunity, myself because currently , during my other area of studying, i have an ICT component and this knowledge is already helping me academically even before i use it professionally , so it is a two way opportunity.

I believe that when I go back to the college with all the:Libre office Wirter,Libre office  Impress, Libre office Calc, Social networking and all other knowledge, I am sure the principal of the college will be enticed to buy some more computers to supplement the TWO existing ones so that staff and students can get access and eventually train to acquire all the IT skills.

This package is very good for us Teacher trainers because the products of our college may find employment in schools with ICT programs and if we do not equip them, we will be accountable for their inefficiency. So, To me this is like giving us" a goose, that lays the golden eggs", because it is a treasure!

I am enjoying the hospitality of the hosts, keeping away from the hustle and bustle that awaits me away from here. The online session, I’ve seen has created another atmosphere.

So far so good. For more information visit