How to make good table wine locally.

Table wine is an important component in our diet.

Wine eases stomach upsets,

It aids in digestion,and treats wounds.


Tea leaves

Concentrated banana juice


  • Get 5litres of concentrated banana juice

  • Put in a saucepan and boil until it comes to boil

  • Add 50gms of tea leaves and continue boiling for 20mins

  • Remove from the fire and keep in a cool dry place until it cools

  • Put in a 5 litre jerrican ,cover tightly and store for two weeks, after which it will be ready for consumption.

  • Serve as desired on a meal

    NB:The Writer is a tutor trainer of key farmer trainers in organic farming methodsm.

    Courtsy of Kulika charitable Trust.

Prepared by Kyozaire Jolly