ITCT-Africa is the ICT capacity building component of the education-africa collaborative programme. Based in Africa, ITCT-Africa identifies ICT training needs and skills which it  coordinates through its higher education partnership network. Courses range from technical to didactic ICT skills. Likewise its IT expert-network is composed of skilled professionals from both the IT and education background who have been collaborating in research and IT support since 2004. ITCT-Africa uses its partner universities as outreach centres to disseminate and recruit new potential in education and ICT.


The ICT Training Centre for Teachers in Africa (ITCT-Africa) is composed of IT experts from Europe and Africa. It aims to facilitate the use of ICT in education in Africa by training teachers and educators in the application of ICTS in teaching and learning.

The Project supports, sustains and expands on the activities carried out by the University of Cologne and linuxola under the education-africa project which since 2004 has been fostering the implementation and use of ITC in Africa universities.

The ITCT Africa's activities involve:

  • establishing an IT-training centre, both physical and management structures in Kampala, Uganda.
  • providing training for teacher trainers, in-training and in-service teachers
  • setting up a sustainable network of IT experts, researchers and lecturers from universities, school teachers, and representatives of ministries of education and ICT


University of Cologne (Germany)

University of Science and Technology, Mbarara (Uganda)

University of Kyambogo (Uganda)

University of Kenyatta (Kenya)

University of Kinshasa (DR Congo)

Linuxola (Switzerland)

FEPA (Switzerland) – Fund for partnership development in Africa