ITCT – Still developing ICT competences in learners


Like in all developing economies, ICT institutions ours operate under similar unfavorable conditions including; poor ICT infrastructure, high bandwidth costs, unreliable electricity supply and competition from easy access to smart phones.


Amidst these barriers, we continue to equip teachers with the much needed computer skills considering the global dynamics in the ICT sector.


Currently, ITCT has 15 out of 40 students our new partners have, some new while others are doing refresher courses.   


New partners and ICT courses strategy


Last November, following their inability to afford rent for the premises, our former partners, Kampala School of Health Sciences relocated to a more rural affordable setting. And considering our contract had not yet been renewed, we could not move with them.


About the last workshop

The workshop started on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at the center's branch on Rubaga Road. It began with registration and introduction of all the attendees.

Tusubira Abraham Johnson, the managing director, then gave a brief background of the center's aim in relation to ICT training and the importance of holding more annual workshops. He went ahead to take the participants through the workshop’s schedule.


The team from Linuxola, Switzerland

Christian Gueder, Simon Nussbaum and Erich Buri, our partners and trainers stayed for two weeks.

At the workshop, Gueder explained how the program would be conducted for the next four days and listed the shared tasks that he, Nussbaum and Buri would embark on.

The topics they learned included computer and network hardware basics, setting up and operating a Linux terminal server, introduction to programming with processing, web development, personal information/privacy and security management.